How to Darken Cherry Wood

Cherry wood is popular for furniture and other woodworking projects because of its natural beauty. However, cherry can be light in color, so some people may want to darken it to achieve a richer look. There are several ways to do this, depending on the desired finished product.

How to Darken Cherry Wood

You can do a few things if you have a piece of cherry wood furniture that you would like to darken. Cherry wood is a beautiful, light-colored wood that can be darkened to create a richer look. This blog post will discuss the different methods on how to darken cherry wood. We will also share some tips on how to care for your newly darkened furniture. Read on for more information.

Summary: To darken cherry wood, one must first prepare it by sanding it down to a rough finish. Afterwards, they can apply a coat of dark brown paint to the wood. To finish, they can add a layer of clear sealer to protect the wood from further damage.

Why Should You Darken Cherry Wood?

Cherry wood is popular for furniture and flooring because of its beautiful reddish hue. However, over time cherry wood can start to fade and lose its luster. Darkening the cherry wood will ensure that it keeps its rich color for many years.

There are a few different ways that you can darken cherry wood. One way is to use a wood stain. Wood stains come in various colors, so you can choose the perfect shade to match your cherry wood furniture or floors.

If you want to darken your cherry wood, you can use several methods. One way to darken cherry wood is to use a stain.

You can find stains specifically made for cherry wood at most hardware stores. Another way to darken cherry wood is to use a dark polish. Again, you can find dark polishes at most furniture stores. Finally, you can also use a mixture of vinegar and water to create a DIY darkening solution.

10 Effective Ways on How to Darken Cherry Wood:

1. Use a Dark Stain:

One of the easiest ways to darken cherry wood is to use a dark stain. You can find dark stains at your local hardware store or online. Simply apply the stain to the cherry wood using a cloth or brush and allow it to dry. Of course, you can always apply a second coat if the stain is too light.

Use a Dark Stain

2. Paint the Cherry Wood:

Another way to darken cherry wood is to paint it. You can use any color of paint you like, but we recommend using a dark color such as black, brown, or red. Then, simply apply the paint to the cherry wood using a brush or roller and allow it to dry. You may need to apply a second coat of paint if the first coat is too light.

3. Darken Cherry Wood With Sunlight:

If you want to darken cherry wood naturally, you can place it in direct sunlight. The sun will darken the wood over time. This method is best for small pieces of wood, like furniture or cabinets. If you want to darken a large area of cherry wood, like floors or walls, it will take longer, and you may need to move the wood around to ensure all sides are evenly exposed to sunlight.

4. With Vinegar and Steel Wool:

You can mix vinegar and steel wool to create a stain for a darker color. First, soak the steel wool in vinegar for a few days. Then, use a paintbrush to apply the mixture to the wood. The longer you leave it on, the darker the color will be. When you are finished, wipe off the excess with a clean cloth.

5. With Tea:

Tea can also be used to darken cherry wood. Simply brew a pot of tea and allow it to cool. Then, use a paintbrush to apply the tea to the wood. The longer you leave it on, the darker the color will be. You can add a little instant coffee to the tea for an even darker color. Test it on a small area first to see how dark it will get!

Paint the Cherry Wood

6. Use a Peel and Stick Veneer:

If you want to darken cherry wood quickly, you can use a peel and stick veneer. This is a thin layer of wood that you can apply directly to the surface of the cherry wood. It will darken the wood and give it a new look. You can find peel and stick veneers at most hardware stores. Be sure to follow the directions on the package carefully so that you do not damage the wood.

7. Use a Wood Stain:

You can also use a wood stain to darken cherry wood. Wood stains come in many colors, so you can choose one that will give the cherry wood a look you want. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using a wood stain. You will likely need to apply several coats of stain to the cherry wood to get the desired darkness. You may also need to sand the wood after staining it to smooth out any roughness.

8. Use a Dark Wax:

You can use dark wax if you don’t want to stain or paint the cherry wood. Dark wax is a great way to darken antiqued wood. You must apply the wax with a lint-free cloth and then buff it off. You can find dark wax at most craft stores. While darkening the wax, you can also add a nice sheen to the wood.

9. Try Gel Stains:

Gel stains are perfect for darkening cherry wood without changing the grain pattern. You can find gel stains at most hardware stores. Apply the gel stain with a lint-free cloth and then wipe off the excess with a clean cloth.

Gel stains come in many colors to choose the perfect shade for your project. If your cherry wood is very light, you may need to apply several coats of gel stain to get the desired darkness.

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10. Try a Wood Dye:

Wood dyes are another great way to darken cherry wood. You can find wood dyes at most hardware stores, which come in various colors. To use a wood dye, apply it to the cherry wood with a brush or cloth and allow it to sit for several hours.

Use a Wood Stain

The longer you allow the dye to sit, the darker the wood will become. You can also mix different wood dye colors to create a unique color. Once satisfied with the color, seal the wood with a clear coat to protect the new color.

Tips to Maintain Your Darkened Cherry Wood Furniture

Here we have given tips on how to darken cherry wood and maintain them regularly.

  1. Dust regularly with a soft, dry cloth.
  2. Periodically wipe with a slightly dampened cloth and dry immediately.
  3. Use coasters for drinks and placemats or trivets for hot dishes.
  4. Protect from direct sunlight and heat sources.
  5. Keep away from chemicals, solvents, and cleaners as they may damage the finish.
  6. Avoid sliding objects across the surface as this can scratch or mar the finish.
  7. When moving furniture, lift rather than drag.
  8. To maintain the luster of the finish, occasionally polish with a quality furniture wax or oil.

With proper care, your dark cherry wood furniture will provide you with years of beauty and enjoyment.

What Causes Wood Furniture Color to Fade Overtime?

As wood furniture ages, its color can start to fade. This is due to various factors, including sunlight, humidity, and heat exposure. The wood color can also change if the furniture is exposed to cigarette smoke or other airborne pollutants.

To prevent your wood furniture from fading, you should dust it regularly and avoid placing it in direct sunlight. You can also use a clear finish or sealant to help protect the wood.

If your furniture has already started to fade, there are several ways you can darken it. You can use a wood stain to darken cherry wood furniture. Be sure to test the stain on a small furniture area first to see how it will look.

You can also try using dark wax or polish. Rub the wax or polish into the wood toward the grain. You can also add a new coat of paint or varnish to darken the wood. If you want to add a bit of color to your wood furniture, you can try using a tinted sealer or glaze.

How Do You Darken Cherry Wood In The Sun?

Darkening cherry wood in the sun is fairly simple. The process involves a few steps that create a beautiful and unique patina on the wood. First, clean the wood to remove any dirt or debris. A mild soap and water solution should suffice for this step. Once the wood is clean, take it outside and place it in direct sunlight for several hours.

The sun’s UV rays will naturally darken the wood over time. Alternatively, you can use a wood sealer to speed up the process and add additional protection to the wood. After applying the sealer, place it back in direct sunlight.

As with any other type of natural material, cherry wood should be monitored closely during this process to ensure it doesn’t become too dark. Once you have achieved the desired color, coat the wood with a protective layer of polyurethane or another sealant to keep it looking beautiful.

How Long Does It Take for Cherry Wood to Darken?

It can take several months for cherry wood to darken naturally. The length of time will depend on the type of cherry wood and its environment. You can use a wood stain or tinted sealer to speed up the process.

Before speeding up the process, test the stain or sealer on a small, inconspicuous area first. You can always sand it off and start over if the results are not to your liking. If you are happy with the results, proceed with staining or sealing the entire piece of cherry wood.

Cherry Wood to Darken

Can You Simply Stain Over Cherry Wood Instead?

Staining over cherry wood is possible for those wishing to darken the color, but it does not necessarily yield the desired results. The natural color of cherry wood ranges from creamy white to a deep reddish-brown hue. As such, staining can make it appear darker, although it may lack the true rich tones that can be achieved with a darker finish. To achieve the desired results, special techniques must be employed to darken cherry wood effectively.

One of the best ways to darken cherry wood is through a process known as fuming. With fuming, ammonia fumes are used to react with tannins in the grain of the wood, resulting in a deeper, darker tone. This process can take up to two weeks and requires a fuming chamber, special safety gear, and the right type of ammonia fumes. If done correctly, the end product will be a deep-toned cherry wood that looks beautiful.


Cherry wood is a beautiful and popular type of wood that can be stained in various ways. In this post, we’ve shown you how to darken cherry wood using a few methods–both simple and easy to follow. The first step is to clean the surface of the wood with a degreaser and allow it to dry completely. Next, decide which method you want to use–wood stain, a gel stain, wood dye, or dark wax/polish.

Be sure to test the product in a small area and follow the instructions carefully. We hope you found this post helpful and that it has given you the information you need to darken your cherry wood furniture or other projects successfully. Your cherry wood furniture will last for years with proper care and maintenance. Thanks for reading!

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