How to Build Turkey Coop

Are you looking for a fun project this fall? How about building a turkey coop? It’s a great way to get into the Thanksgiving spirit, and you can even use it as an extra storage space for your yard. Now, if you’re like me, you waited until the last minute to build your turkey coop. And if you’re also like me, you realize that there are about a million YouTube videos on how to do it, and none seem to agree on the best way.

Don’t worry, and I’m here to help. This blog post will outline the five methods I tried and explain which one worked best for me about how to build turkey coop. So read on, learn from my mistakes, and create the perfect turkey coop for your flock!

How to Build Turkey Coop

Summary: For years, people have been asking how to build a turkey coop. Now there is an easy way! All you need is a few pieces of wood, some wire, and some screws. The finished product will look like a small shed, and your turkeys will love it.

5 Methods on How to Build Turkey Coop With Elaborated Details

It would help if you had some tools and supplies to build a turkey coop. But before starting to work, make sure you have all the necessary things at hand so that you can complete the job quickly and without any hassle. Here are some methods of how to build a turkey coop.

1. Make a Turkey Pen With Pvc Pipes:

First, cut two 10-foot lengths of PVC pipe and four 4-foot lengths of PVC pipe. Then, drill holes in the 10-foot lengths of PVC pipe, spacing them evenly. After that, connect the 4-foot lengths of PVC pipe to the 10-foot lengths of PVC pipe using PVC connectors. Next, attach chicken wire to the frame of the turkey pen using zip ties or staples. Finally, cover the top of the turkey pen with a tarp or piece of plywood to keep the weather out.

Your turkey coop is now complete! PVC pipes are an excellent material for turkey coop because they are strong, durable, and weather-resistant. Following these instructions, you can build a sturdy and reliable turkey pen that will last for years.

2. Making an a-frame Turkey Coop From Scratch:

You can make an a-frame turkey coop from scratch if you are up to the task. This will be more expensive than buying a pre-made coop, but you will have complete control over the design and construction. When making your coop, use high-quality materials to withstand the elements and keep your turkeys safe and comfortable.

Cut the roofing felt into four 8-foot by 4-foot pieces. Lay one piece of felt over the top of the coop, making sure to overlap the edges of the plywood walls. Secure the felt in place with nails. Now separate the asphalt shingles into four 8-foot by 4-foot pieces. Lay one piece of shingle over the top of the roofing felt, making sure to overlap the edges. Secure the shingles in place with nails.

Cut the Roofing Felt

Finish your coop by adding a door and attaching hardware such as hinges and a latch making your turkey coop can be a rewarding experience and will ensure that your turkeys have a safe and comfortable place to live.

3. Convert a Chicken Coop Into a Turkey Coop:

If you already have a chicken coop, you may wonder if you can convert it into a turkey coop. Of course, the answer is yes, but there are a few things you need to take into consideration first.

One of the most important things to consider is the size of your coop. Chickens and turkeys are both large birds, but turkeys can get up to twice the size of a chicken. This means you must ensure your coop is big enough to accommodate your turkeys comfortably. Another thing to think about is the height of your coop. Turkeys like to roost, which means they need more size than chickens. So make sure your enclosure is tall enough for your turkeys to roost comfortably.

Finally, you will need to adjust the nesting boxes in your coop. Turkeys lay much larger eggs than chickens, so you must ensure the nesting boxes are big enough to accommodate them. You can easily convert your chicken coop into a turkey coop with a few simple adjustments. Just make sure to take the time to consider your birds’ needs before making any changes.

4. Build a Pallet Turkey Coop:

Turkey coops can be made of various materials, but pallets are a great way to save money and recycle materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill. To build a pallet turkey coop, you’ll need four wooden pallets, some chicken wire, screws, and nails.

Begin by dismantling two of the pallets. You’ll use the boards to create the sides and roof of the coop, so set them aside. Take the remaining two pallets and place them side by side. These will form the base of the coop. Using chicken wire, create an enclosure that is big enough for your turkey.

Create the Sides and Roof of the Coop

Make sure to leave enough space for the turkey to move around and spread its wings. After that, attach the sides and roof of the coop to the base using screws and nails. Be sure to leave an opening for the door. Then, add bedding material, such as straw or wood chips, to the inside of the coop. Finally, Place your turkey inside the coop and enjoy!

5. Make a Rustic Turkey Hutch:

First, cut the plywood into four equal pieces. Then, use the chicken wire to create a door on one of the pieces. Next, cut two pieces of lumber into four equal lengths. These will be used as the sides of the cabinet.

Now, cut the remaining two pieces of lumber into two equal lengths. These will be used as the top and bottom of the cabinet. Next, assemble the cabinet’s sides, top, and base using screws. Then, attach the chicken wire door to the front of the hutch.

Your rustic turkey cabinet is now complete!

Precautions You Need to Know Before Building Tukey Coop

1. The first precaution is to ensure that the coop is big enough for the number of turkeys you want to keep. The rule of thumb is to allow at least 4 square feet per turkey.

2. Another vital precaution is ensuring the coop has good ventilation. Turkeys produce a lot of moisture; the birds can get sick if the coop is not adequately ventilated.

3. Another important consideration is predators. Turkeys are a favorite target of many predators, so the coop must be built with this in mind. The coop should be made of sturdy materials and have a secure door to keep predators out.

You Will Need a More Significant Coop if You Have

4. It is also essential to ensure the coop is clean. Turkeys are susceptible to dirty conditions and can get sick quickly. Therefore, the coop should be cleaned regularly to prevent illness.

5. Finally, providing adequate food and water for the turkeys is essential. They should have access to fresh water at all times and a diet that is high in protein.

You Can Check It Out To Build a Shed Into a Hillside

How Many Turkeys Can Adjust in a Coop?

The number of turkeys comfortably kept in a coop depends on the coop size. A rule of thumb is to allow at least 4 square feet per turkey. However, this may need to be increased depending on the climate and the number of birds. In general, avoiding caution and providing more space rather than less is best. How Often Should the Coop Be Cleaned?

The coop should be cleaned regularly to prevent illness. How often it needs to be cleaned will depend on the number of birds and the conditions in the coop. However, cleaning the coop at least once a week is generally best.

How Large of a Coop Do You Require for a Turkey?

The size of the coop you require for your turkey will depend on how many turkeys you have. A small coop will suffice if you only have a few turkeys. However, you will need a more significant coop if you have many turkeys.

When deciding on the coop size, you also need to consider the amount of space your turkeys will need to roam. Turkeys like to roam around, so you need to ensure enough room for them to do so.

Ensure Enough Room for Them


So there you have it, my friends. Everything you need to know about how to build turkey coop. Building a turkey coop is a fun project that can be completed in just a few hours. It may seem daunting at first, but with a little bit of hard work and some helpful instructions, you, too, can create a safe and comfortable home for your turkeys. So have fun and happy building!

Following the simple steps in this guide, you can have a safe and sturdy home for your turkeys. Have any questions about the process? Leave us a comment below!

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