How to Turn a Deck into a Screened in Porch

Converting a deck into a screened-in porch can be one of the most rewarding DIY projects you take on as a homeowner. Not only will you have an enjoyable area everyone in your family and visitors can enjoy, but it has the potential to increase your home’s value at the same time!

How to Turn a Deck Into a Screened in Porch

With this post, we’ll cover all of the steps necessary to turn your existing deck into a screened-in porch that is both stylish and functional. Whether you are looking for more space or just want to make better use of what you already have, this step-by-step guide on how to turn a deck into a screened in porch offers everything needed to complete this transformational project with ease and enjoyment.

Can Deck Be Converted to Screened-in Porch?

Yes, it is possible to convert a deck into a screened-in porch. This can be accomplished in a few steps with some basic tools and materials. To begin, you will need to measure the area of your deck that you want to turn into a screened-in porch. Then purchase the necessary materials such as framing lumber, screen material, and hardware.

Next, you will need to the frame for the porch using the lumber that you purchased. If your deck is raised off the ground, it is important to ensure that you secure adequate support posts or footings for the new structure. Once this is complete, attach the screen material to the frame with nails or screws. You can also add a solid door for access to the porch.

After the frame and screen material is in place, you will want to add any finishing touches such as trim or molding around the edges of your screened-in porch. This will help create a neat, finished look and improve the overall appearance of your new space. Finally, enjoy your new screened-in porch! With some basic tools and materials, you can easily turn your deck into an inviting outdoor living area.

Your Deck Into an Inviting Outdoor Living Area

11 Methods How to Turn a Deck into a Screened in Porch

1. Add Roll-Up Screens

One of the easiest ways to turn your deck into a screened-in porch is to add roll-up screens. Roll-up screens are easy to install and can be rolled up when you want to enjoy the outdoors. To install roll-up screens, you will need to measure the opening of your deck and order the corresponding size of roll-up screens.

Be sure to measure the width and height of the opening. Once you have your roll-up screens, you can install them just as you would window shade. However, you will need to purchase a tension rod or tension spring to hold the screens in place.

2. Install Screen Doors

Another option for creating a screened-in porch is to install screen doors. Screen doors can be installed on both existing doors and windows. If you have an existing sliding patio door, you can replace the glass with a screen panel. The panels are available in different sizes and styles to fit any space.

Additionally, you can purchase custom-made doors that are designed to fit into frames already in place. Screen panels can also be installed on existing windows, allowing for additional airflow without compromising privacy. With the right tools and materials, installing a screen door is an easy process that can be done in a few hours.

Installing a Screen Door is an Easy Process

3. Build a Screened Enclosure

If you have the time and resources, you could build a screened enclosure around your entire deck. This option will provide the most protection from insects and the elements. You will need to build a frame to support the screening, as well as either purchase or make your own screening material.

This can be a tricky process, and it is best to get help or guidance from a professional if you are unsure. Once the frame is built and the screening material is in place, you can then attach the screening to the frame using nails or screws. This will complete your screened in porch!

4. Hang Curtains

Hanging curtains is another easy way to turn your deck into a screened-in porch. Curtains can be hung from the ceiling or from a frame that is attached to the deck railing. You can easily find outdoor curtains that are made of durable materials like canvas or vinyl which will help protect the area from rain and sun.

When you choose curtains, make sure to purchase fabrics that are designed for outdoor use so they won’t fade or tear in the elements. If you don’t want to hang curtains from the ceiling or railing, you can also install a curtain rod and hung them over sliding glass doors. This is a great way to give the illusion of a screened-in porch without the expense.

Hang Curtains From the Ceiling or Railing

5. Use Insect Repellent Plants

Insect-repellent plants can be used to create a natural barrier against insects. Citronella, lavender, and marigolds are all good options for insect-repellent plants. Plant these around the perimeter of your deck to help keep bugs away. Additionally, you can make insect repellent sprays out of essential oils that can be sprayed directly on the screened-in porch.

Essential oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus, lemongrass, and cedarwood are all effective at repelling insects. While these plants and sprays can help to keep bugs away, they are not a substitute for proper screening. Though, they can be a great way to enhance the screening in your porch and make it even more of enjoyable space.

6. Install an Insect Screen

An insect screen can be installed on doors and windows to keep insects out of your screened-in porch. Insect screens are available in different sizes and can be custom-fit to your door or window openings.

7. Use an Air Conditioner or Fan

Running an air conditioner or fan will help to keep insects out of your screened-in porch by creating a wind barrier. It is best to install an outdoor unit that has its own casing rather than a window unit. This will help keep out the rain and provide better insulation.

Additionally, it is important to ensure that your fan or air conditioner has a cover that can be closed when not in use. This will help keep out any insects or pests that may try to enter through the opening. Furthermore, having a fan or air conditioner will help circulate the air and keep the temperature cooler during hot days.

8. Apply Insecticide Sprays or Powders

Insecticide sprays and powders can be applied around the perimeter of your deck to help keep insects at bay. Be sure to follow the instructions on the product label when applying insecticide products. Some sprays should be applied weekly during the summer months, and some powders are designed to last up to three months.

Make sure you wear protective gear when you spray or apply the powder and keep children and pets away from any treated areas until it has completely dried. After you have completed all of the steps above, your deck will be completely transformed into a beautiful and functional screened in porch! Enjoy spending time outside without worrying about pesky insects.

9. Use Citronella Candles or Torches

Citronella candles and torches can help to keep mosquitoes away from your deck area. Citronella candles should be placed around the perimeter of your deck, while citronella torches can be placed throughout the deck area.

Make sure that the candles and torches are placed safely away from any combustible materials, such as furniture or curtains. Additionally, it is important to keep an eye on the candles and torches to make sure that no one accidentally knocks them over.

10. Hang String Lights

Adding string lights to the area of your deck can add extra illumination and ambiance to the area. Not only will it make your screened-in porch look more inviting, but you can up the deck during evening gatherings or events. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and styles that fit any style! Furthermore, installing string lights is a simple DIY job that will not require any expensive materials or tools.

Use Them to Light Up the Deck During

11. Install Shading Solutions

Installing some form of shading solution for your screened-in porch is essential if you want to enjoy being outside in hot weather. Sun shades or outdoor curtains are great options because they provide shade while still allowing some natural sunlight into the space. They also help protect furniture from fading due to UV rays and provide extra privacy when needed.


In the end, transforming your outdoor deck into a screened-in porch is an achievable task that you can do in as little as a few weekends and with the help of a few friends. After you finish, your family will have additional space for entertaining and relaxing in the comfort of the outdoors without worrying about bugs or other pests.

Whether it be by trusty DIY instructions like these or through hiring outside help, consider taking on this exciting project before summer officially starts. You and your family will thank you for all the fun new memories made on their newly constructed porch. Thanks for reading, and we hope this has given you some inspiration on how to turn a deck into a screened in porch!

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