How to Get Furniture Up a Spiral Staircase

Do you have a piece of furniture that you need to get up a spiral staircase but aren’t sure how to do it? Whether you’re moving into a new home with awkward stairs or just trying to make your décor more functional, several strategies can help you successfully transport heavy items up the spiral staircase.

Many pieces of furniture are too large to fit through a standard doorway. If you have a spiral staircase in your home, you may wonder how to get the furniture up and into your home.

In this blog post, we will discuss some methods on how to get furniture up a spiral staircase. We will also provide tips to get your furniture into your home successfully. Let’s get started!

How to Get Furniture Up a Spiral Staircase

What Is Spiral Staircase?

A spiral staircase is a type of staircase that consists of one or more circular steps that wind around a central pole. These staircases are typically designed to navigate tight spaces, such as interior passageways or small rooms. Because they are often limited in terms of width, these stairs can be difficult to move furniture up and down.

Additionally, spiral staircases are typically comprised of steps and landings with a curved, helical structure. This can make it challenging to get bulky furniture up and down the stairs, as the item may not be able to follow the intricate path of the staircase.

You can use several strategies when attempting to move large furniture up a spiral staircase. One of the most important things to remember is that getting help from another person or two is usually best, as this can make it easier to navigate the stairs and maneuver larger items.

What Will You Need?

Before attempting to move furniture up a spiral staircase, gathering the appropriate tools and supplies is important. Some of the essential items that you may want to include in your toolkit are:

  1. A furniture dolly or moving straps
  2. A ladder or stepstool
  3. A furniture mover or furniture glide
  4. Blankets or moving pads
  5. Furniture risers
  6. A sturdy set of stairs at the bottom of your spiral staircase
  7. An extra set of hands, if possible
  8. Safety goggles and gloves, as needed

Once you have gathered all of the necessary tools and supplies, it is time to start moving your furniture up the spiral staircase.

10 Easy Steps on How to Get Furniture Up a Spiral Staircase

1. Use a Sturdy Set of Stairs

The first step in moving furniture up a spiral staircase is to ensure that you have a sturdy set of stairs at the bottom of your spiral staircase. If possible, avoid making makeshift stairs made of boxes or other fragile materials, as these can be more difficult to navigate and may not provide enough support for heavy items. 

You Can Check It Out to Add a Landing to Existing Stairs

Ensure That You Have
A Sturdy Set of Stairs

2. Use a Furniture Dolly or Moving Straps

Once you have a sturdy set of stairs at the bottom of your spiral staircase, you can move your furniture up the stairs. One of the easiest ways to do this is with the help of a furniture dolly or moving straps. These tools will allow you to safely and easily move heavy items up and down the stairs without worrying about slipping or losing your balance.

3. Position Yourself Strategically

When moving large pieces of furniture up a spiral staircase, it is important to position yourself strategically to maintain control over how and where the item moves on each step. Consider using a ladder or step stool to give yourself extra reach and leverage, as this can help you to guide the furniture up the stairs more easily.

4. Use Furniture Glides

Consider using furniture glides or other similar tools to make it easier to move heavy items up a spiral staircase. These products are specifically designed to help you easily slide objects along smooth surfaces, such as wood flooring, carpeting, and linoleum. They can take some of the burdens off your back and arms when moving large pieces of furniture through tight spaces.

5. Use Blankets or Moving Pads

Another useful tool for getting large items up a spiral staircase is a set of blankets or moving pads. These protective covers can be used to cushion the furniture during transit, allowing you to maneuver the item up and down the stairs. Make sure to use at least a few blankets or pads, depending on the size and weight of the furniture, to help minimize any potential damage.

Use at Least a Few Blankets

6. Use Furniture Risers

If you have difficulty getting an especially bulky or heavy piece of furniture up a spiral staircase, consider using furniture risers or other similar tools to create additional space between each step. This can make it easier for your furniture to fit on the stairs and take some pressure off your back and arms when moving the item.

7. Get Help from Another Person

One of the best ways to ensure that you can safely move large items up a spiral staircase is by enlisting the help of another person. Having an extra set of hands can make it much easier to control how and where the furniture is moving and safely and efficiently guide it up the stairs.

8. Wear Safety Gear

When moving heavy items up a spiral staircase, it is important to wear appropriate safety gear, such as safety goggles or gloves. This can help to protect your arms and hands against potential injuries from falling debris or sharp edges, allowing you to focus on smoothly maneuvering your furniture without worrying about potential hazards.

9. Take Your Time

Moving large pieces of furniture up a spiral staircase can be challenging, especially if you are dealing with multiple heavy or bulky items at once. To ensure success when moving your furniture, make sure that you take your time and carefully plan each step before attempting to move your furniture. This will help minimize the risk of injury and will ensure that your furniture is safely transported up the stairs.​

10. Prep Your Furniture

Before moving your furniture up the spiral staircase, make sure to thoroughly prep it for transit. This can include removing breakable or delicate items, adding protective padding or layers of blankets, and securing straps or ties around any pieces that may shift or topple during the move. Preparing your furniture this way will help minimize the risk of damage when moving it up and down your stairs.​

Following these tips can help you safely and efficiently move heavy items up a spiral staircase, allowing you to transport your furniture with confidence and ease. 

By positioning yourself strategically, using safety gear, and taking your time when moving your furniture, you can effectively navigate any challenges that may arise as you work to get your belongings where they need to go.​

Minimize the Risk of Damage

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

  1. Prioritize your items. Consider how important each item is and how often you will need to use it, and focus on moving the essential pieces first.
  2. Get help from friends or family members if you need additional support or assistance. This can make it easier to manage the process of moving your furniture and can help to minimize the risk of injury or damage.
  3. Invest in high-quality safety gear such as gloves, knee pads, and eye protection to protect yourself from potential hazards as you move your furniture up and down the stairs.
  4. Keep a calm and level head throughout the process, taking breaks when needed and carefully assessing how best to proceed with each step along the way. You can successfully maneuver your furniture up the stairs with careful planning and attention to detail.
  5. If possible, try to group pieces of furniture together into manageable loads to make the moving process more efficient and less overwhelming.

You can move your furnishings confidently and easily with careful planning and advanced preparation.​

Can You Put a Chair Lift on a Spiral Staircase?

While many types of chair lifts are available, they typically require a fairly flat surface to work properly and may not be suitable for use on spiral staircases. However, some models allow for minor adjustments that make them compatible with semi-circular and curved staircases.

When considering how to move furniture up or down a spiral staircase, you will likely want to consider your options carefully before deciding how best to proceed.

Overall, there are a few key factors to remember when moving furniture up or down spiral staircases. These include prioritizing your items, getting help from others if needed, investing in high-quality safety gear, remaining calm and level-headed throughout the process, and grouping pieces of furniture together where possible.

Consider Your Options
Carefully Before Deciding


Follow these simple tips, and you’ll be moving that bedroom set up those stairs in no time – without damaging your furniture or putting your back out. And if all else fails, there’s always the option of hiring professional movers to do it for you! Who knew getting furniture up a spiral staircase could be so easy?

Thanks for reading! We hope this article helped teach you how to get furniture up a spiral staircase. Remember, when moving heavy or bulky items upstairs, take your time and be extra careful not to damage your belongings or injure yourself.

With a little creativity and help from friends or family, you can safely move anything up, even the most challenging staircases. Thanks for reading!

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