How to Attach a Door Knocker Without Screws

Are you looking for an easy way to add a door knocker to your front door without using screws? If so, you’re in luck. There are several methods that allow you to attach a door knocker without drilling holes into your door or wall.

How to Attach a Door Knocker Without Screws

Now, you can learn how to attach a door knocker without screws! A door knocker can be just the right decorative addition to fit any doorway. Perhaps you would like a traditional brass piece or fancy an antique bronze look. Regardless of what style appeals to you, here is an easy step-by-step guide on how to easily secure your newly acquired decorative feature!

Read on for more details about this simple and creative DIY project.

Is It Safe?

Yes, you can safely attach a door knocker without using screws or nails. With the right adhesive and knowledge of how to use it, you can make your door knocker adhere securely to any surface.

Additionally, you can also use the two-part epoxy adhesive that is made specifically for most surfaces. This type of adhesive will not only keep your door knocker in place, but it also prevents any further damage to the surface by avoiding nails or screws.

Overall, you can safely and securely attach your door knocker without the need for screws.

What You’ll Need

To attach a door knocker without using screws, you’ll need the following items:

  1. The door knocker
  2. A two-part epoxy adhesive
  3. A caulking gun
  4. An old rag or cloth

Once you have these items, you’re ready to begin your project.

10 Easy Steps on How to Attach a Door Knocker Without Screws

Step 1. Clean the Surface:

Before you apply the adhesive, it’s important to prepare the surface. This means cleaning any dirt or dust that could affect how well the door knocker adheres. Be careful not to scratch the surface while you’re cleaning. Because you won’t be using screws, it’s important to make sure the surface is smooth.

Be Careful Not to Scratch the Surface

Step 2. Apply the Adhesive:

Once the surface is clean, it’s time to apply the adhesive. Use a caulking gun or similar tool to evenly spread the epoxy on the back of the door knocker and onto the prepared surface. Be sure not to use too much adhesive, as this can cause damage to both the door knocker and your wall or door.

Step 3. Secure the Door Knocker:

Once you have applied enough adhesive, carefully press down your door knocker until it firmly adheres to the wall or door. Make sure you don’t move it around too much as this could cause an uneven bond between the two surfaces. If you need to, you can use an old rag or cloth to press down the door knocker and get a firm grip.

Step 4. Allow Adhesive To Cure:

Leave your newly installed door knocker to dry overnight to allow the adhesive to set and create a strong bond. You can also read the instructions on your adhesive for more specific curing details. If you’re using a two-part epoxy adhesive, be sure to follow the instructions for how to mix the two parts. It is important that the two parts be mixed in a precise ratio for full curing.

Step 5. Test Out Your Door Knocker:

After the adhesive is fully cured, you can test how well it holds up against normal use. Tap on it firmly and see if it stays put. If everything looks good, then you’re done! If not, you may need to replace the adhesive or use a different type of adhesive. Because you didn’t use screws, you can easily remove the door knocker if needed and start the process over.

Use a Different Type of Adhesive

Step 6. Monitor Your Door Knocker:

It’s important to monitor your door knocker periodically, especially during extreme weather, such as in the winter when temperatures can drop. This will ensure the adhesive is still secure and your door knocker remains firmly in place. You can reapply more if you notice any loose spots or it seems like the adhesive is weakening.

Step 7. Keep Your Door Knocker Clean:

It’s also important to keep your door knocker clean and free of dirt or grime. This will help it last longer and ensure that the adhesive remains secure. Additionally, it’s a good practice to check that the adhesive is still secure periodically.

Step 8. Remove Excess Adhesive:

If you have any excess adhesive, use a damp cloth to remove it from the surface before it dries and hardens. Use a putty knife to scrape off any remaining adhesive gently. Make sure the surface is clean before you finish up your project.

Step 9. Replace Door Knocker:

If you ever need to replace your door knocker, make sure you completely remove the old one and any adhesive that remains on the surface. Scrape off any remaining adhesive and clean the area before installing your new door knocker. It must be thoroughly cleaned and dried before the adhesive is applied.

Installing Your New Door Knocker

Step 10. Enjoy Your New Door Knocker:

Now that you’ve successfully attached a door knocker without screws, it’s time to admire your handiwork! You can now proudly show off how your door looks with its stylish new accent piece. And don’t forget how easy it was to attach it.

Congratulations on completing this project – it is now in the bag! We hope you find success with any other home improvement projects. Good luck!

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

1. Adhesive Strips:

Use adhesive strips to attach the door knocker without screws. Make sure that the surface is clean and dry before applying them.

2. Double-Sided Tape:

Use double-sided tape for a stronger bond to secure the door knocker in place.

3. Reinforced Magnets:

Secure the door knocker with two magnets by attaching one magnet on the back and one on the front side of your door. This will help keep it in place without damaging the surface or creating holes from screws or nails.

4. Liquid Nails:

Apply a small amount of liquid nail adhesive to attach the door knocker, ensuring you do not overfill it. Allow plenty of time for this method to dry before using it.

5. Glue Gun:

Using a glue gun, apply glue along both sides of the door knocker and press firmly against the surface. Allow enough time for it to cool before testing out the door knocker.

These are five easy ways to attach a door knocker without screws! With these methods, you can create a secure and stylish entrance for your home or business in no time!

Using a Glue Gun

5 Safety Precautions

  1. Identify the type of surface you will be working with. Before attaching a door knocker without screws, it is important to ensure that the surface can support the weight of your door knocker.
  2. Wear protective eyewear and gloves when attaching a door knocker without screws. Wear safety glasses if something happens while drilling or hammering and gloves to protect your hands from debris or splinters.
  3. Choose the right adhesive for your project. Several types of adhesives are available for this task; however, some may not be suitable for certain materials. Be sure to research and select the right one based on your door knocker material and the surface you are attaching it to.
  4. Mark where you will place the door knocker before applying any adhesive. This is important to ensure even placement of the door knocker so that it hangs straight from the surface.
  5. Test how well your door knocker adheres by pressing against it lightly after it’s been attached for a few minutes. If the door knocker does not stay in place, reapply more adhesive or choose an alternative attachment method, such as double-sided tape or braces.

Following these safety precautions can help ensure a successful project when attaching a door knocker without screws. For best results, always read and follow the instructions provided on your adhesive packages. 

Be sure to take special care when working with power tools and adhesives in order to avoid any accidents or injuries. With proper safety practices in place, you can easily and securely attach a door knocker without screws. Happy attaching!


Attaching a door knocker without screws can add a fun and unique element to any door. There are several ways to mount a door knocker without drilling into your property. Using adhesive strips, mounting plaques, and cotter pins are the most popular methods for mounting door knockers without chipping away at the facades of your home or business. In some cases, you may need to enlist an experienced professional to help you with this task.

However, as long as you have the right supplies and some patience, it’s possible for anyone to give their doors an eye-catching upgrade by attaching a beautiful door knocker without screws!

Hopefully, the article on how to attach a door knocker without screws has given you the confidence to tackle this job. Just remember to take your time and follow the steps outlined in this article to ensure a successful project! Good luck! Happy Attaching!

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