How to Turn a Desk into a Vanity

Transforming a desk into a vanity is a creative and practical way to repurpose furniture, adding a touch of elegance to your living space while optimizing functionality. Whether you’re seeking a stylish vanity for your bedroom or a charming addition to your bathroom, repurposing a desk offers a customizable solution. In this inspiring guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of how to turn a desk into a vanity.

How to Turn a Desk into a Vanity

From selecting the right desk to choosing the perfect mirror and organizing your cosmetics, we’ll provide detailed insights to help you achieve a seamless conversion. Let’s embark on this DIY journey, exploring the creative possibilities to transform a desk into a beautiful and functional vanity that complements your unique style and enhances your living space.

The Concept of Repurposing a Desk into a Vanity

A repurposed desk vanity is a great way to add style, character, and functionality to any room. The concept of turning an old desk or table into a functional vanity may seem daunting at first, but with the right materials and tools it can be done in no time!

Here are some simple steps you can take to turn your old desk into a stunning vanity. Although you may be able to find all of the necessary materials at your local home improvement store, it is usually more cost-effective to shop online for specialty items.

Benefits of Creating a DIY Vanity from a Desk

Once you’ve successfully created your vanity from a desk, it’s time to start enjoying the benefits of this project.

  • Cost Effective: Building your own vanity with a desk is much more cost effective than buying one outright. You can upcycle an unused desk or purchase one for just a fraction of the price of a traditional vanity.
  • Customizable: With a DIY vanity, you can customize the look and feel to suit your own personal style. You can choose colors, finishes, accessories, and more to create something truly unique for your space.
  • More Storage: By creating a vanity from a desk, you’re taking advantage of all the extra storage potential that comes with this type of furniture. You can put away all your beauty and grooming items in the drawers and compartments to keep them out of sight when not in use.
  • Multi Functionality: A desk vanity isn’t just for applying makeup or styling hair – you can also use it as a workspace, or even a dressing table. It’s a great way to maximize the use of space and create a multi-functional area in your bathroom.
  • Vanity with Style: When you’re done, you’ll have a vanity that looks stylishly modern and chic. It’s sure to be a conversation starter when friends come over and admire your handiwork!
Sanding Down Any Rough Edges

Now that you know some of the benefits of creating a DIY vanity from a desk, it’s time to get started on your project! With the right supplies and tools, you’ll be able to transform an ordinary desk into a beautiful vanity. Be sure to take accurate measurements before beginning and have all your materials ready before getting started.

10 Steps How to Turn a Desk into a Vanity

1. Gather Supplies:

The first step in turning a desk into a vanity is to gather all the supplies needed for the project. This includes items such as paint, brushes, sandpaper, screws, and any other materials necessary to complete the transformation.

2. Prepare the Desk:

Before beginning to transform the desk, it is important to make sure that it is properly prepared. This includes removing any hardware from the desk, sanding down any rough edges, and cleaning off any dirt or debris.

3. Paint:

Once the desk has been prepped, it’s time to begin painting. It is best to use a high-quality paint for this project as it will provide a more professional finish and be more durable over time. If desired, multiple layers of paint can be applied for added depth and color.

Use a High-quality Paint

4. Add Hardware:

After the desk has been painted, it’s time to add hardware such as drawer pulls or knobs. Adding hardware will give the vanity an extra touch of style and make it easier to open drawers or cabinets on the vanity.

5. Install Mirrors:

Installing mirrors on either side of the vanity can help create a more glamorous look and will also be useful for applying makeup or styling hair. When installing mirrors, make sure they are securely fastened so they won’t come loose over time with regular use.

6. Install Lighting:

Installing lighting around your vanity can help create an inviting atmosphere and make applying makeup much easier by providing plenty of light in front of you while you work on your look each day! Consider installing LED strip lights around your mirror for a modern look that will also save energy over traditional bulbs.

7. Install Shelving:

Shelves are a great way to store makeup products or other beauty essentials within easy reach while using your vanity each day! Consider adding shelves above or below your mirror so everything you need is close at hand when you need it most!

8. Add Decorative Touches:

To bring some personality into your new vanity space, consider adding decorative touches such as artwork or plants that reflect your personal style! This can help make getting ready each morning even more enjoyable as you start off your day surrounded by things that bring you joy!

Shelves Are a Great Way to Store Makeup

9. Organize Your Vanity:

Now that all of the components have been installed on your new vanity it’s time to organize everything so you have easy access to what you need when getting ready each day! Consider purchasing storage containers specifically designed for makeup products so everything stays neat and organized at all times!

10. Enjoy Your New Vanity Space!:

Now that all of the hard work has been completed it’s time to enjoy using your new vanity space each morning when getting ready for work or going out with friends! Whether you’re doing your makeup or just taking some time out for yourself enjoy having this special place where you can feel beautiful inside and out every single day!

Things to Consider When Turning a Desk into a Vanity

When turning a desk into a vanity, there are several things to consider. First, you want to make sure that the desk is sturdy enough to hold your weight if you plan on using it as a standing vanity. It also should have adequate space for all of your beauty products and other items. Additionally, you should ensure that the material and construction of the desk can handle the elements from cosmetics and toiletries.

Finally, you should make sure that the desk has enough height to comfortably use as a vanity. If it is too low, you may find yourself hunched over while trying to apply makeup or do your hair. You can add risers or wooden legs underneath to add some additional height if needed.

When you are done with the modifications, it is important to sand and seal the desk to protect it from moisture and spills. This will help ensure that your vanity looks good for many years to come. Additionally, if you want a more polished look, consider adding hardware such as handles or pulls on the drawers.

Lastly, when choosing a mirror for your vanity, pick one that is the right shape and size for the desk and provides enough light. This will help you see clearly what you are doing when applying makeup or styling your hair.

Add Risers or Wooden Legs Underneath

Common Mistakes to Avoid

When turning your desk into a vanity, it’s important to avoid certain mistakes.

  • Avoid using too much paint as this can make the surface look uneven and create an unprofessional finish. You should also be sure that the surface is completely free of dust before painting.
  • It’s also important not to overdo it with decorations – too much clutter can make the vanity look cluttered and distracting. Stick to a few simple accessories like flowers or candles to keep things looking neat and tidy.
  • Finally, be sure to keep the desk clean and dust free – this will help it last longer. Regular cleaning will also ensure that your vanity looks its best for years to come!


All in all, it’s amazing what you can do with a basic desk to transform it into a vanity. With some creativity and a few simple steps, you might be surprised what you can create.

With ample space for makeup storage and supplies, you can make sure that everything has a place – and the vanity of your dreams is only moments away! Whether you’re looking for extra counter space or something to spruce up an old desk, transforming your desk into a vanity may just be the perfect project to keep your hands busy.

So if you’re dreaming of a new vanity setup, look no further than your existing furniture! Why wait to start turning your dreams into realities? Now get out there and start realizing just how easy it is to turn that desk into your own unique piece of art – start how to turn a desk into a vanity today!

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