How to Install Artificial Grass on Wood Decking

Are you looking to create a luscious outdoor living space? Are you looking for an easy and cost-effective way to transform your outdoor space? Installing artificial grass on your wood deck is an easy and affordable project that anyone can do. It’s a great way to add character and life to any area, all while improving the appearance of your wood decking. It’s relatively straightforward and can be done by beginner DIYers in a day or two with the right tools.

How to Install Artificial Grass on Wood Decking

Plus, there are lots of plus points – it requires little maintenance once installed and adds extra padding for when you’re walking outdoors barefoot! In this post, we’ll examine how to install artificial grass on wood decking in just a few simple steps.

So whether you’re ready to get started or simply curious about what’s involved, read on for an overview covering everything from preparation through completion! Read on to discover how simple it is to install artificial grass yourself – we’ll give you all the steps and advice required so that even novice DIYers can get this project off the ground!

Why Do You Need to Install Artificial Grass on Wood Decking?

1. Add Value

Adding artificial grass to your wood decking can add value and life to your outdoor space. It provides a soft, lush look that’s perfect for entertaining guests or just relaxing in the sun. Plus, it has many practical uses, too – it adds extra padding beneath your feet when you are walking barefoot! So, if you’re looking for an easy way to make your outdoor area look great and feel comfortable, this is the perfect project!

2. Easy to Install and Maintain

Installing artificial grass on wood decking is relatively straightforward. It doesn’t require any special tools or expertise to complete, so even beginner DIYers can get the job done quickly and easily. Plus, it requires little maintenance once installed. All you’ll have to do is hose it down every once in a while to keep it looking its best!

Required Items for Installing Artificial Grass on Wood Decking

Before starting, make sure you have the following materials and tools:

  • Artificial grass of your choice
  • Utility knife
  • Container (for mixing adhesive)
  • Staple gun and staples
  • Adhesive glue
  • Paint roller or brush
  • Protective gloves

How to Install Artificial Grass on Wood Decking in 10 Easy Steps

Wood is Clean and Free of Dirt

Step 1: Preparing the Area

The first step in installing artificial grass on your wood decking is to prepare the area. You’ll want to make sure that the wood is clean and free of dirt, debris, or any other obstructions. If necessary, use a pressure washer to clear the area before starting.

Step 2: Measuring the Area

Once you’ve prepped the area, measure it so that you know how much artificial turf you’ll need for your project. Make sure to account for any overhangs or edges that you want to cover.

Step 3: Cutting the Artificial Turf

Next, use a utility knife to cut the artificial turf pieces according to your measurements. Make sure each piece fits snugly against any edges and curves in the wood decking for a neat finish.

Step 4: Applying Adhesive

Once your artificial turf pieces are cut to size, it’s time to apply the adhesive. Mix together the adhesive according to package instructions, and then use a paint roller or brush to spread a thin layer of the mixture onto the wood decking. If necessary, use a putty knife to smooth out any bumps or ridges in the adhesive. Allow the adhesive to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Step 5: Attaching the Artificial Turf

Use a Paint Roller

Now, it’s time to start attaching the artificial turf pieces. Starting from one corner, position a piece of your artificial turf against the wood decking and press down firmly to make sure it adheres securely. Continue this process for each piece until all of the turf has been attached.

Step 6: Securing with Staples

Once all of the pieces have been attached, use a staple gun to secure them in place. Make sure each piece is properly secured and that no gaps are present. Securing the artificial grass with staples will help ensure that it doesn’t shift or move when in use.

Step 7: Trimming

Once all of your pieces have been secured, you can trim any excess turf from around the edges. Use a utility knife to cut away any protruding pieces and make sure that each piece fits snugly against the wood decking.

Step 8: Sealing the Edges

Once your artificial grass pieces have been trimmed, it’s time to seal the edges. Use a sealant designed for outdoor use to ensure that all of the seams are properly sealed and protected from moisture and other elements. Allow the sealant to dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 9: Applying Adhesive to the Edges

Once the sealant has dried, you can apply adhesive to the edges of your artificial turf pieces. This will ensure that they stay securely in place and don’t shift or move when in use. Allow the adhesive to dry before moving on to step 10.

Step 10: Enjoy!

Apply Adhesive to the Edges

When the adhesive has dried, your artificial grass installation is complete! You can now enjoy your beautiful new outdoor living space. If you’ve followed all of the steps above, you’ll be sure to have a long-lasting and attractive outdoor area to enjoy for years to come.

Following these steps, you can easily install artificial grass on your wood decking with beautiful results! This is a great way to update the look of your outdoor area without requiring too much maintenance. Plus, it adds an extra layer of padding that makes walking outdoors barefoot more comfortable.

8 Safety Measures to Follow When Installing Artificial Grass on Wood Decking

Installing artificial grass on wood decking is a great way to spruce up your outdoor space. But it can also be a potentially dangerous task if not approached with caution. To help you stay safe and secure while installing your new artificial grass, here are 8 safety measures to keep in mind:

  1. Have the right tools. Make sure you have all the necessary tools for the job, such as a saw, tape measure, hammer, drills, etc. Don’t cut corners here; having the right tools will help make your installation successful and safe.
  2. Wear appropriate clothing and shoes. As with any outdoor task involving power tools or sharp objects, it is important to wear appropriate clothing and protective gear such as safety goggles, gloves, a long-sleeved shirt, and sturdy shoes.
  3. Read the instructions thoroughly before starting any work. Make sure you are familiar with your product’s installation guidelines so that you can install your artificial grass correctly and safely.
  4. Review local building codes and regulations. Before starting your project, make sure you review local building codes and regulations to ensure compliance.
  5. Wear protective eyewear. Whenever drilling, sawing, or hammering, it is important to protect your eyes from dust and debris by wearing safety glasses or goggles.
  6. Don’t use power tools near flammable materials. It is important to keep all flammable materials away from any power tools you are using.
  7. Secure your decking before installation. Make sure your deck is secured and stable before beginning the artificial grass installation process.
  8. Don’t rush the job. Take your time when installing artificial grass on wood decking to ensure that it is done correctly and safely.
Wearing Safety Glasses or Goggles

Following these simple steps will help you install your artificial grass on wood decking safely and securely. Be sure to consult an expert if you have any doubts or questions about the installation process so that you can ensure the best results.

5 Maintenance Tips

Once your artificial grass is installed on wood decking, it’s important to make sure that you keep up with regular maintenance. Here are a few tips for maintaining the appearance and quality of your new turf:

  1. Inspect the surface on a regular basis. Make sure to check for any damages or loose surfaces so that you can take corrective action as soon as possible.
  2. Clean the turf on a weekly basis by hosing it off or using a leaf blower. This will help keep any debris from settling into the fibers and cause damage to your artificial grass.
  3. Use a soft broom or brush every now and then to fluff up the fibers of the lawn so that it looks as natural as possible.
  4. Trim the turf to your desired length every few months as needed.
  5. Make sure to keep any heavy furniture, such as outdoor seating sets or BBQ grills, off of the grass so that you don’t cause indentations or other damage.

Following these simple tips on how to install artificial grass on wood decking will ensure that your artificial grass looks its best for years to come. If you ever have any questions about how to care for your turf, contact an artificial grass specialist who can provide advice and guidance. With the right care, your wood decking with artificial grass will be the envy of the neighborhood for years to come!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will It Take?

Installing artificial grass on wood decking can be a bit of an undertaking, but with the right tools and know-how, it can be done in just a few hours. You’ll need to make sure you have all the necessary supplies before getting started: artificial grass, adhesive tape or glue, metal stakes, a hammer, a utility knife, and measuring tape.

Use a Soft Broom or Brush

Start by removing any existing decking boards and taking measurements for the area where you intend to install the grass. You’ll then need to cut the artificial turf to size and secure it with either adhesive tape or glue, depending on your preference. Use metal stakes and a hammer to further secure the edges of the lawn. Once everything is in place, you should be able to enjoy your new artificial grass in no time!

Can I Install It Myself?

Yes, installing artificial grass on wood decking is a relatively simple process that can be done by most DIYers as long as they have the necessary tools and know-how. However, if you don’t feel comfortable tackling it yourself, there are also plenty of professional services that offer the installation of artificial grass for a fee.


All in all, the installation of artificial grass is a relatively simple and inexpensive project. While there are a few steps on how to install artificial grass on wood decking that must be followed during the process, if done properly, the result can be extremely rewarding. Ultimately, following these steps will ensure your artificial grass looks professional and lasts for many years to come.

If you still are having trouble or have any questions about the installation process, it’s a good idea to consult with an experienced professional who can answer any remaining queries you might have. And once your work is finished, you can enjoy your beautiful new decking area for years to come. So what are you waiting for? Get started on transforming your wood decking into something special today!

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