How to Get Rid of Old Fence Panels

Do you have an old fence panel in your backyard that you need to get rid of? If so, don’t worry – there are a few ways to do it. In this blog post, we’ll teach you how to get rid of an old fence panel using a few different methods. Read on to learn more!

If you’re like most homeowners, you have a fence around your property to keep your pets and children safe. But what do you do when your fence starts to look old and weathered? Instead of trying to repair it, why not just get rid of it and replace it with a new one? In this blog post, we’ll show you how to get rid of old fence panels without any drama or fuss. So read on for all the details!

How to Get Rid of Old Fence Panels

Problems Old Fence Panels Can Cause

If you have an old fence panel in your backyard, it’s important to get rid of it as soon as possible. Not only is it an eyesore, but it can also cause several problems. Here are just a few:

1. Take Up Valuable Space

Old fence panels can take up valuable yard or storage space, leaving little room for other projects or activities. So if you want to free up some space, getting rid of your old fence panels is a great solution.

2. Pose a Safety Risk

If left in disrepair, old fence panels can become unstable and potentially injure someone if they were to fall over. As safety is the most important thing, getting rid of old fence panels can prevent any accidents or injuries and secure your safety.

3. Decrease Property Value

Having old, worn-out fence panels on your property can be an eyesore and potentially decrease the value of your home. Updating to newer, more aesthetically pleasing fence panels can increase the value of your property and make it more appealing to potential buyers.

4. Rotting

Another potential issue with old fence panels is that they can begin to rot, causing damage to your property and potentially leading to expensive repairs. Getting rid of old fence panels before this becomes a problem can save you time and money in the long run.

5. Pests

Old fence panels can also attract pests such as insects, rodents, and birds that may cause damage or spread diseases. Removing old fence panels can prevent these pest problems and ensure the safety of your property and family.

Old Fence Panels Can Also Attract Pests

6. Rust

In addition, old fence panels can also start to rust and corrode, leading to damage and potentially creating a hazard. By getting rid of old fence panels, you can prevent any further rusting and protect your property.

6 Ways About How to Get Rid of Old Fence Panels

1. Sell or Give Away

You can try to sell your old fence panels on websites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Or, if you don’t want the hassle of selling, consider giving them away for free on sites like Freecycle or Freegle. This can be a good option for someone looking to save some money on fence materials.

2. Use as Firewood

Another option is to cut up the panels and use them as firewood. This can be a good way to recycle the wood and put it to good use in your fireplace or outdoor firepit. Just make sure you properly dispose of any nails or metal hardware before using it as firewood.

3. Donate to a Reuse Center

There may be local reuse centers or building material stores that accept donations of old fence panels. These organizations often sell the materials at a discounted price to those in need, so it’s a great way to give back and recycle at the same time.

4. Repurpose for DIY Projects

Get creative and repurpose your old fence panels for DIY projects around the house or yard. You can use them to make a garden trellis, privacy screen, or even a unique piece of furniture. If you are an artistic person, fence panels can also be used as a canvas for a fun outdoor mural.

5. Recycle at a Scrap Yard

Many scrap yards will accept wood for recycling, so consider taking your old fence panels here rather than throwing them in the trash. So it can be a win-win situation – you’ll get rid of your old fence and potentially make some extra cash. Call ahead to see if they accept wood and what their process is for recycling it.

Many Scrap Yards Will Accept Wood for Recycling

6. Use as Compost or Mulch

Chop up your old fence panels and use them as compost or mulch in your garden beds. This can add nutrients to the soil and help retain moisture for your plants. So if you want to go the eco-friendly route, this option might be for you.

Here a Few Things You Should Keep in Mind Before Taking Steps to Get Rid of Old Fence Panels

1. Remove All Nails or Screws

Before disposing of the old fence panels, make sure to remove all nails or screws from them. This will prevent any potential damage to rubbish bins or landfill sites. Make sure you are doing it with safety in mind, using proper tools like a hammer or screwdriver.

2. Inspect the Panels for Damage

If the panels are still in good condition, consider donating them to a local charity or organization. Otherwise, dispose of them properly by checking with your local regulations and guidelines on how to do so.

3. Proper Disposal Methods

If the fence panels cannot be reused or donated, dispose of them properly at a local landfill site or recycling center. Make sure to follow all disposal guidelines set by the facility.

Remember, taking care of old fence panels doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By following these tips, you can safely and effectively get rid of them in an environmentally-conscious way.

Dispose of Them Properly

4. Hire a Professional

If you do not feel comfortable removing and disposing of the old fence panels yourself, consider hiring a professional to do the job for you. Otherwise, check with your local waste management company to see if they offer pick-up services for old fence panels.

5. Check Local Regulations

It’s important to check local regulations before disposing of old fence panels. Some towns and cities have restrictions on what can be thrown away and how it should be disposed of. It’s also important to check if there are any special disposal requirements for treated wood or chemical-based materials used in the fence panels.

Precautions You Must Take to Get Rid of Old Fence Panels

1. Check Hazardous Materials

Before removing any fence panels, check for hazardous materials such as lead-based paint or pressure-treated wood that may require special disposal methods.

2. Disconnect Utilities

Be sure to disconnect any electrical wires running through the old fence before beginning removal. Make sure to also disconnect any water lines that may be running through it. Otherwise, it will cause damage and possible injury.

3. Take Down Panels

If the panels are nailed or screwed into place, use a hammer or screwdriver to loosen and remove them. If they are attached with a chain link, use pliers or wire cutters to detach them from the posts. Be careful not to damage any surrounding landscaping as you take them down.

You Can Check It Out to Get Rid of Pressure Washer Marks on Wood

Use a Hammer

4. Dispose of Panels

Once the panels have been taken down, you can dispose of them in a few different ways. If they are still in good condition, consider donating them to a local reuse center or giving them away on sites like Craigslist or Freecycle. If they are too damaged to donate, check with your local waste management company to see if they can be placed in your regular trash pickup or if they require special disposal.

5. Remove Fasteners

Using a power drill or crowbar, remove the fasteners holding the fence panels in place. If necessary, cut through any metal support beams with a saw or bolt cutter. It is very important to dispose of these materials properly, as they may be sharp or contain hazardous materials such as lead paint. Check with your local waste management company for proper disposal methods.

6. Fill Holes and Repair Landscaping

Once the panels and fasteners are removed, fill any holes left behind with dirt and repair any damage to the surrounding landscaping. Consider adding new plants or mulch to make the area look refreshed.

As you can see, removing old fence panels takes a bit of time and effort but can be easily accomplished with the right tools and proper disposal methods. Just remember to always disconnect utilities before beginning and dispose of materials properly to ensure safety for yourself and the environment.

You Can Check It Out to Dispose of Old Fence Panels


Whether you’re looking to replace your old fence panels or simply dispose of them, follow the tips about how to get rid of old fence panels above, and you should have no trouble getting rid of them. With a little effort, you can clear up your yard and make way for something new. Thanks for reading!

Old fence panels can be a pain to get rid of. Sometimes you can recycle them, but oftentimes they end up in a landfill. The best way to get rid of old fence panels is to sell them or give them away. You could also use them for projects around your house or farm. If you have any old fence panels that you need to get rid of, we hope these tips were helpful!

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