How to Make Money Selling Firewood

Are you looking to make a little extra money? Firewood is an easy way to do just that! Selling firewood can be a great source of reliable income, especially during the colder months when people are desperate for warmth. With a little bit of effort and passion, anyone can learn how to make money selling firewood in their local area.

How to Make Money Selling Firewood

In this blog post, we’ll provide you with all the necessary information so you can get started today. We’ve covered everything from gathering supplies and finding customers to marketing your new business online and ensuring your success! So read on if you want to know more about making money by selling firewood!

Supplies You Will Need to Make Money Selling Firewood

1. Firewood:

You will need to purchase or gather firewood in order to create a stock of logs to sell. Look for hardwoods such as oak, hickory, and walnut, as they are better sellers. Try buying from local tree removal services or wood lots.

2. Axe and Splitting Wedge:

An axe and splitting wedge are essential for chopping the firewood into smaller, more manageable sizes.

3. Chainsaw:

A chainsaw will be handy if you plan to gather your own logs. Make sure to buy one that is up to the job and has safety features like chain brakes and handles for extra protection.

A Chainsaw Will Be Handy

4. Kindling and Fire Starter:

When you’re selling firewood, it’s also a good idea to sell kindling and fire starters as an add-on product. This will make it easier for your customers to get the fire going when they purchase logs from you.

Marketing Your Business on How to Make Money Selling Firewood

Now that you’ve gathered the necessary supplies needed to start selling firewood, you’ll need to get the word out about your business. Here are a few simple ways to go about marketing yourself:

1. Word of Mouth:

Let your friends and family know that you’re selling firewood. Ask them to spread the message, too! You can also post flyers in local businesses or a few ads in local newspapers.

2. Social Media:

Create an account on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to market your firewood business. Post pictures of the firewood you have for sale and all the information about prices and delivery options.

3. Email Marketing:

Gather email addresses from existing customers and potential ones by offering discounts or other incentives. Then, create an email marketing campaign to keep your customers informed about new firewood offerings and prices.

Ensuring You’ll Succeed in Making Money Selling Firewood

Now that you’ve got the basics of making money selling firewood, it’s time to ensure you’ll be successful. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Be Knowledgeable About Firewood:

Ensure you know the different kinds of firewood and their burning properties. This will help you make informed decisions when selecting the right kind of wood for your customers.

Know the Different Kinds of Firewood

2. Keep the Firewood Dry and Covered:

Make sure that the firewood is kept dry to prevent it from becoming damp or moldy. Cover it with a tarp when not in use to help retain its moisture levels.

3. Offer Quality Service:

In order to ensure customer satisfaction, make sure always to provide quality service. This includes delivering the firewood on time and building a good rapport with customers.

4. Price Your Firewood Accordingly:

Price your firewood so that it is competitive but still profitable for you. Do some research online to find out what other suppliers are charging for similar products in your local area.

We hope that this blog post has given you a better understanding of how to make money selling firewood. With the right supplies, marketing strategy, and quality service, you’ll be sure to succeed in no time! Good luck!

Things You Will Need to Know for Making Money Selling Firewood

  1. Learn the basics of firewood harvesting and processing. You will need to understand which types of trees are preferred for burning and how to harvest and split the logs into usable pieces safely.
  2. Know your state’s regulations regarding selling and transporting firewood. Many states have laws that require you to obtain a license or permit to sell firewood, and you may be required to pay taxes on your profits.
  3. Secure a reliable source of wood from which to harvest your logs. Depending on the size of your operation and the type of trees you are harvesting, this could be a single tree in your backyard or a large forest.
  4. Invest in the necessary tools and equipment for harvesting and transporting firewood, including a saw, axe or chainsaw, wheelbarrow, tarp, and straps.
  5. Market your product to potential customers by advertising in local papers or on online classifieds sites. You may also consider setting up an online store where people can purchase firewood online.
  6. Price your firewood based on current market rates and the quality of your selling logs. When setting your prices, make sure to factor in any taxes or fees that apply to your specific area.
  7. Develop relationships with customers by offering discounts on larger orders, referring them to a trusted supplier, or offering free delivery.
  8. Set up a system for tracking inventory and orders to ensure you are meeting customer demands in a timely manner.
  9. Maintain your firewood supply by regularly harvesting and processing new logs.
  10. Stay informed about the latest trends in the industry and research ways to improve your operations.
Maintain Your Firewood Supply by Regularly

Following these steps will help you to make a profit selling firewood in an efficient and effective manner. With the right knowledge and resources, you can grow your business into a lucrative venture that provides for your needs as well as those of your customers.  Good luck!

5 Another Useful way for Making Money Selling Firewood

1. Establish a Delivery Service :

Many people don’t have the time or resources to pick up firewood in person. Setting up a delivery service will allow you to bring the wood right to their doorstep, generating additional revenue for your business.

2. Expand Your Customer Base:

You may limit yourself and your potential profits by only selling to a local market. Plenty of online sources allow you to list your product for sale and reach customers outside of your local area.

3. Sell Firewood Processing Equipment:

Not everyone has access to the tools necessary to process firewood safely and efficiently. Selling specialized equipment such as wood splitters, saws, and conveyors can be a great source of additional income.

4. Offer Firewood Packages:

You can boost your profits by offering pre-packaged firewood bundles tailored to your customers’ needs. This could include different wood types or sizes, as well as bundles that are discounted for larger quantity purchases.

5. Create a Firewood Subscription Service:

A subscription service is an excellent way to ensure repeat customers and a more steady income. Offer discounts or other incentives to encourage customers to sign up for regular deliveries, allowing you to grow your business over time.

These are the best ways to make money selling firewood. With the right strategy and dedication, you can build a successful firewood business that generates a steady stream of income. Just remember to research local regulations, apply for proper permits, establish a reliable supplier network, and invest in safety equipment to maximize your success.  Good luck!

Some Important Tips and Tricks to Make Money Selling Firewood

Select the Right Firewood
  1. Make sure you select the right firewood for your needs. Different types of wood burn differently, so make sure you are choosing high-quality logs that will provide the most heat and burn time.
  2. Split and pile wood in advance to help reduce labor costs and speed up the process when selling firewood. This will also make storing the wood easier until you are ready to sell it.
  3. Buy in bulk – purchase logs from local suppliers whenever possible, as this can save you money by avoiding transportation costs and other fees associated with retailers.
  4. Have a plan for storage. You should have a dedicated space for storing firewood that is away from the elements to protect it from rain and snow.
  5. Create marketing materials, such as flyers or business cards, to promote your firewood business in your local area.
  6. Be sure to research potential customers in your area so you can provide them with the best possible product for their needs.
  7. Price your firewood appropriately – make sure to set a price that is fair for both you and the customer based on supply, demand, and quality of wood.
  8. Stay up-to-date on safety regulations and laws in your area when selling firewood, as these can vary from state to state.
  9. Consider selling bundles of wood or offering seasonal discounts to attract more customers and boost sales.
  10. Reach out to local businesses, such as restaurants, that may need firewood for their operations or want to offer it as part of their services.

By following these tips and tricks, you can ensure that you make the most money possible when selling firewood. With the right tools and strategies, it is possible to turn your business into a lucrative venture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Way to Store Firewood for Long-Term Use?

Keeping It Dry

The best way to store firewood for long-term use is by keeping it dry. It should be stored off the ground and stacked loosely so air can circulate around the logs. 

Be sure that any areas where water might accumulate are covered with a tarp or plastic. Wood should be split before storing to reduce moisture and improve air circulation, as larger logs take longer to dry out. If possible, it is best to cover the woodpile with a tarp for additional protection from moisture, sun, and snow.

What Is the Best Way to Sell Firewood?

There are several ways to sell firewood. Advertising on local classifieds websites or social media platforms is a popular option. You can also set up a stall in a public area, such as at farmers’ markets, fairs, and festivals. 

Alternatively, you can reach out to businesses interested in purchasing bulk firewood for use at their location. Finally, you can also reach out to local landscapers or home improvement stores that may be willing to stock your firewood in exchange for a commission.

How Can I Ensure My Firewood Stays Dry?

The best way to ensure that your firewood stays dry is by stacking it off the ground and loosely so air can circulate around the logs. Be sure to cover any areas where water might accumulate with a tarp or plastic, and consider covering your woodpile with a tarp for additional protection from moisture, sun, and snow. 

It is also important to choose a location where your firewood will not be exposed to prolonged periods of direct sunlight or rain. Finally, you should split the wood before storing it to reduce moisture and improve air circulation.

What Is the Best Way to Transport Firewood?

Using a Dedicated Firewood Trailer

If possible, the best way to transport firewood is by using a dedicated firewood trailer or truck. This will help prevent damage due to shifting during transit. If you are using a vehicle without a trailer, be sure to strap down the wood securely and cover any areas exposed to the elements. Also, choosing a vehicle with enough room for your load is important, so you do not overload it or cause an accident.


Selling firewood is a great way to make quick money! Getting started can be easy if you have the appropriate tools and access to an adequate amount of wood. You’ll just need to choose the species of wood that are best for your local market, plan where you’re going to get your wood from and figure out who you’ll be selling it to. 

Plus, you can stand out from the competition with the right marketing strategy and a little creativity in packaging and delivery solutions. In this blog post, you can learn how to make money selling firewood, including the best way to store and transport it, as well as how to market your product and stand out from the competition. With the right preparation, you can sell firewood in no time!

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