How to Fix Door Frame Damage From Dog

Is your beloved pup leaving damage on your door frame? Are you worried you’ll have to replace the entire structure, but don’t have time or money to do it? Don’t worry – there is a way to fix any damage caused by your four-legged pal, and with minimal effort. 

How to Fix Door Frame Damage From Dog

It is important to know how to fix door frame damage from dog. In this blog post, we will talk about quick and easy remedies for fixing dog-related damage on door frames so that you can get back to enjoying quality time with your furry loved one. Read on for tips and tricks!

Tools You Will Need

  • Pliers
  • Hammer
  • Nails or screws
  • Silicone sealant
  • Sandpaper

5 Steps on How to Fix Door Frame Damage From Dog

Step 1: Make Sure Not to Strip the Screw Heads

When it comes to fixing door frame damage caused by a dog, the first step is to remove any loose nails, screws, or other fasteners. To ensure you don’t strip the screw heads, pliers are an important tool of the trade – they make it easier to grip each screw and have them come off without unnecessary force. 

Loose fasteners that are left in the door frame can cause further damage once the repairs are made, so be sure to take them out and dispose of them properly. With each loose fastener taken care of, your door frame should be ready for repair!

Step 2: Make Sure to Insert Them at a Correct Angle

Any damage sustained to the door frame from your dog should be addressed quickly, as an untreated issue can lead to further distress down the line. After identifying any nails or screws that have been pushed up by your pup’s paws or body, use a hammer to firmly lay them in at an angle. 

This will help keep them secured and reduce the chances of these pieces popping back out easily. If you need more leverage, use a nail punch—a hand tool designed specifically for driving nails flush with surfacing without doing damage. Just remember safety first if using power tools!

Use a Nail Punch

Step 3: Fill Any Cracks or Holes in the Door Frame

Keeping your door frame in good condition can be difficult when dealing with a mischievous pet. The best way to protect it and prevent further damage is to fill any cracks or holes with silicone sealant. This will act as an added layer of defense against any weather conditions that could weaken the frame over time, as well as stop your pup from clawing at them. 

Once applied, the sealant remains flexible and elastic which allows for extra expansion and contraction through extreme temperatures. A perfect solution to preventing or fixing any door frame damage created by your furry friend!

Step 4: Sand Down the Edges

Fixing door frame damage from your dog can be a daunting task, but it is possible to spruce it up with a little sanding. Sanding down the edges of any damaged areas will help the new paint adhere better and gives it a much fresher look. 

It also helps reduce brush strokes, so you get an even finish. Don’t forget to do this step before you start painting, as it could make all the difference in how your door frame looks once the project is complete!

Step 5: Re-attach Any Loose Trim

Fido may have chewed or scratched at a few door frames, but you don’t have to worry! All it takes is a few nails or screws, depending on the trim in question. Make sure you’re careful when prying off any loose pieces, as they will be harder to fix if torn or broken. 

Once all the pieces are re-attached, use some wood glue to help hold them in place and give your door frame a much-needed makeover. With just a few steps, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that all of your pup’s hard work is fixed!

Use Some Wood Glue

Now that you know how to fix door frame damage from a dog, you can make sure your pup stays safe and happy without worrying about structural damage in the home. Follow these steps today for easy repairs! Good luck!

Tips to Fix Door Frame Damage From Dog

  1. Inspect the damage carefully to determine the extent of the repairs that are needed.
  2. If the door frame is made of wood, use a putty knife to fill in any gouges or holes with wood filler.
  3. If the door frame is made of metal, use a wire brush to remove any rust from the damaged area.
  4. Use a piece of sandpaper to smooth out the surface of the door frame.
  5. Apply a primer to the door frame and allow it to dry completely.
  6. Paint the door frame with a color that matches the rest of the door.
  7. If the damage is extensive, you may need to replace the entire door frame.
  8. Measure the door opening and purchase a new door frame that is the same size.
  9. Install the new door frame by following the instructions that come with it.
  10. Enjoy your newly repaired door frame!

The Ultimate Guide for Preventing and Repairing Door Frame Damage from Pets

No one wants their door frame damaged by their beloved pets! It’s important to take the necessary precautions to keep them safe and your home intact. A great way to start is by using pet gates, which can be installed in any doorway while still allowing enough space for you and your furry friends to move through comfortably. 

If a pet has already caused some damage, minor scratches and dents can be easily repaired with wood fillers or airless paint sprayers. The sturdier repair might involve replacing a section of the door frame, especially if it has been chewed or clawed down significantly. 

Whatever strategy you choose to protect or fix your door frames from pet-caused damage, hopefully, this ultimate guide will come in handy for any future mishaps.

How to Protect Your Home from Pet Damage?

Protecting your home from pet damage is a must if you own pets and live in an inhabited space. One mistake many pet owners make is neglecting the door frames and not taking proper measures to ensure their longevity of them. To protect your door frames, first inspect the area for any cracks or breaks that may be present. If necessary, patch up any holes with wood filler and sandpaper them down until smooth before painting overheat to match the color of the door frame. 

Fix Your Door Frames From Pet-caused Damage

Additionally, affix a scratch protector along frames to prevent further damage from claws. This can range from an adhesive strip to rubber furniture covers – whichever fits your budget and aesthetic best. Applying a few coats of polyurethane can also help keep wood looking nice while being protected against dirt and moisture. 

Finally, pay attention to what is happening on either side of the door frame – if walls are cracking or doors aren’t closing right, take extra care in ensuring you secure both sides with screws or hinges so they won’t jiggle out of place when opened or closed often by your pet(s).

How to Easily Repair and Prevent Door Frame Damage Caused by Dogs?

Door frames are not just for show. They’re designed to help keep the structure of a building secure and sturdy, making them very necessary components in the home. Unfortunately, one of the things a curious pup may decide to tear apart is the door frame. 

Luckily, repairing the damage doesn’t need to be a stressful process. Installing a guard at or near the base of your door frame can go a long way in preventing future damage from occurring. Some guards are made out of sturdy plastic that can withstand consistent abuse while others are strong rubber materials that also help with absorbing shock when your pup jumps up on it. 

If you’ve already suffered some damage and need repair, have some wood glue, wood screws, and wood putty handy to patch up any holes or fix any exposed nails and screws. Getting an experienced carpenter involved can also help if you find these repairs too complicated or if there is major structural damage present. 

Keeping furniture away from doors might also be helpful so pups don’t get excited by trying to scoot under it and destroy the door frame in their excitement. With a few precautions, you’ll have both a happy pup and intact door frames!

How Should I Paint Over the Repaired Door Frame?

After completing repairs to the door frame, it’s time to paint! To ensure a professional-looking finish, you’ll need to sand down any wood filler or putty and use a primer before painting. This will help provide a smooth surface for your chosen color of paint. 

Use a Primer Before Painting

For best results, use an airless paint sprayer to evenly coat the door frame and get into any crevices. Allow the paint to dry completely before re-installing the door frame so it can fully cure. Once finished, you should have a beautiful, pet-proofed door frame!


To fix door frame damage from dogs, it is important to remove the damaged piece of wood and replace it with a new one. Be sure to use screws or nails that are long enough to go through the thickness of the replacement piece plus at least three-quarters of an inch into the studs on either side of the opening. 

You should carefully determine how to fix door frame damage from dog. It is also necessary to use a sturdy drill bit when drilling holes for these screws or nails. Apply some paint or sealant to the new piece of wood to match the rest of the door frame.

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